Future-Proof Your Agency with WorkBook Intelligence

May 18, 2022
Regan Riddoch
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

WorkBook has always enabled users to be more proactive by tracking agency specific KPIs in real-time, and providing actionable insights through built-in reporting, customizable data boards and Power Launch dashboards. But on their path to LevelUp, some agencies need to take their business intelligence reporting a step further to make the kinds of decisions required when experiencing rapid growth, measuring agency valuation before an acquisition, or adhering to specific holding company requirements. To accomplish this enhanced level of analytics, decision makers sometimes turn to out-of-the-box BI tools to translate large volumes of data into generic insights, but too often they must spend additional effort translating that into what works for their agency’s specific needs. That’s why we’ve developed WorkBook Intelligence.

By leveraging WorkBook Intelligence, decision-makers can improve reporting with customizable dashboards that fit their agency’s specific needs – making it easier to discover actionable insights and make better decisions for their agency’s future.

Here’s how:

Get Proactive, Data-Driven Insights

One of the most valuable benefits of WorkBook is that it acts as the single source of truth for all your agency’s operational data. While there are a variety of options for consuming that data including 250+ built in reports, agencies with a high volume of complex projects might still find it difficult to unearth new insights from such large volumes data.

WorkBook Intelligence makes it easier to identify new insights by diving deeper into your agency’s data, then transforming that data into consumable insights that allow you to get ahead of issues before it is too late.

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Be Confident in Data Accuracy and Digestibility

Again, when all of your agency operations are integrated into a single system, you can be confident that the data you’re using to distill insights from is accurate and up to date in real-time. The resulting visual dashboards make it easier to understand the analysis of that data so you can take action faster.

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Customize Your Dashboards for Better Decision-Making

Out-of-the-box BI tools only provide generic insights for generic businesses, which doesn’t address your agency’s specific needs. With a WorkBook Intelligence Designer license, you can bring that analytics expertise in-house and design as many agency-specific dashboards as you need.

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Make Better Decisions from Anywhere

Because WorkBook is a cloud-based solution, WorkBook Intelligence is powered by your distributed workforce, so you can analyze real-time data and make decisions from anywhere.

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“[It is] GREAT to be able to create my own dashboards using a sophisticated tool. Delivering metrics instead of data will provide my users with a more direct and succinct environment in which to assess their performance and proactively drive greater results.”

Mark S. McNulty, CFO, Taft Communications

As always, WorkBook’s modular packaging and simple pricing lets you pay for only the features and user access you need for an affordable price. Request a demo to learn more about adding WorkBook Intelligence to your current WorkBook package.