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AEC Digital Modernization: 5 Benefits of Cloud ERP

Many AEC firms are utilizing cloud ERP technology for improved performance, convenient scalability, and overall time and cost savings. Discover five key benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for ERP.

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Global Engineering Firm, Structa, Empowers Leaders and Engineers With Deltek ERP Solution

Multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy firm Structa’s ERP solution helps it achieve game-changing insights – without compromise.

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Deltek Clarity Study: Staffing Changes, Emerging Tech and New Business Growth – Here’s How A&E Firms in the Nordics Are Evolving

150 respondents across Norway, Sweden and Denmark report their biggest technology and business challenges – and how they’re overcoming them.

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Deltek Clarity Study: How Are Architecture & Engineering Firms Across Europe and Asia Pacific Solving Todays’ Business Challenges?

Discover the top trends for architecture and engineering firms in the 3rd Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study, based on insights from 600 decision-makers.

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Deltek Cloud Illustration

Unlock Your Business Potential With the Deltek Cloud – Safely, Securely & At Scale

Whether you are a small firm or an enterprise business, you can rely on the Deltek Cloud to drive value for your businesses safely, securely and at scale.

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Colleagues discuss KPI stats

Architecture & Engineering Firms: Are you on top of your project KPIs?

Rolf Hansen, Sales Director at Deltek, shares his 30+ years of experience in advising A&E firms, large and small, on the importance of KPIs and what to track and how, in order to improve efficiency and profitability.

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5 ERP Trends To Embrace In 2022 and Beyond

While no one could have envisioned how the global pandemic would all unfold, the lasting effects have forced organizations to not only adapt but re-evaluate how business gets done. To support you in this digital transformation, here are five ERP technology trends that can benefit your project-based businesses in 2022 and beyond.

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Architecture firm leaders share their top tips for successful resource management in a remote world

We spoke to AEC industry leaders Mark Murphy, Managing Director at Fender Katsalidis and Scott Huston, Studio Manager at DesignInc Sydney to learn the key to successful resource management and its effects on their businesses.

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Moving Maconomy to the Deltek Cloud: Your path for a successful migration

We’ve put together four steps for a successful migration to Deltek Cloud – and a webinar to support you throughout the process.

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Construction firm Sotrelco maximizes billable time and increases efficiency with the Deltek ArchiSnapper App

Discover how construction firm Sotrelco uses Deltek ArchiSnapper to increase efficiency and maximise their billable time.

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Female Construction Worker on iPad

Your 2021 architecture, engineering and construction blog roundup is here

As expected, this year has been another year full of changes, challenges and opportunities for the AEC industry. As you get ready for 2022, it’s a great time to catch up on all the blogs you meant to read this year but didn’t have time to! We’ve pulled together 10 of our top industry blogs from the past 12 months to add to your reading list.

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Man typing on laptop

5 Ways Deltek Is Focused on Delivering Best-In-Class Customer Experiences

From onboarding, training and customer support to product enhancements and tailoring experiences for customers based on their needs, we're committed to helping our customers find project-based success. Find out how Margo Martin, Group VP of Customer Success and team, delivers success through these best-in-class experiences.

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Architect or Engineer Working on Laptop

Is a unique approach to technology enough to see A&E firms through times of disruption? We asked firms in the Nordics.

More than 150 architecture and engineering firms in the Nordics told us about their challenges, their plans to solve them, and how unconventional technologies play a part in their success.

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Business Intelligence

Take Your AEC Firm's Business Intelligence to the Next Level

To stay competitive, it’s imperative that your AEC firm has accurate and timely reporting to drive success. In this blog, Bret Tushaus, VP of Product Management, shares the importance of business intelligence and how its use can impact your firm’s success.

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Two architects working on new construction project

Not all work is created equal. Here’s how A&E firms can find the most profitable projects consistently.

What makes your most profitable projects such a success? Our latest guide explores how you can identify your most successful and profitable projects and use that information to find similar work.

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Deltek Clarity Research - Taking the temperature of the Nordic architecture and engineering industries

Did you know that cost of technology is the standout barrier to tech adoption for Nordic architecture and engineering (A&E) firms? We recently discussed this, and other findings from the new Deltek Clarity industry survey, in a webinar with Henrik Garver from the Danish association ‘Foreningen af Rådgivende Ingeniører’ (FRI) and Magnus Höij from the Swedish industry association ’Innovationsföretagen’.

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Happy and engaged employees talking

4 Reasons Project-Based Businesses Should Measure Employee Engagement

Project-based businesses are all about the people ‘in’ the business, and understanding whether their employees are fully involved and enthusiastic about their work and the organisation involves many things. But a great place to start is with an engagement survey.

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Deltek Clarity - Architecture and Engineering Industry Study 2021

Clarity Study: data dominates technology goals and challenges for A&E firms

We recently surveyed 600+ decision-makers in architecture and engineering (A&E) firms about their current technology challenges and their strategies for the future. The results might surprise you.

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Deltek Acquires ArchiSnapper

Transforming the Practice of Architecture through Technology: Deltek Acquires ArchiSnapper

Deltek is excited to announce the acquisition of ArchiSnapper – the number one field application specifically designed for architects and engineers. Learn more about Deltek + ArchiSnapper and the future of specification solutions at Virtual Deltek Insight, September 14-15.

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G2 Summer Leader

Our Users Love Us, Deltek Recognized As a Project-Based ERP Leader, Again!

G2 has once again named Deltek a Leader in Project-Based ERP Software in its Summer 2021 Grid report. Thank you to all our amazing customers who submitted reviews; we greatly value your thoughts and are continuously working on ways to enhance the Deltek user-experience!

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Woman Working Online

6 Ways to Enhance Your Deltek Experience

Whether you are looking to find industry-focused expertise to make your project a success or new ways to optimize your current projects, Deltek is here to support you. See how you can get the most out of your Deltek experience with these six ways to broaden your skills and deepen your knowledge.

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Digital Transformation Through Purposeful Innovation

Enabling Digital Transformation Through Purposeful Innovation

The infusion of emerging technologies into our solutions allows us to re-imagine how projects are delivered ─ helping our customers’ projects be more effective, efficient and successful. Learn how Deltek is enabling digital transformation for project-based businesses now and into the future.

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Colleagues looking at data on a laptop

Four top tips for a successful ERP implementation

How do you go about securing a successful digital project, such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Cloud implementation? We invited Håkon Røed, Partner and Director at Norwegian advisory firm Tellmann Executive Advisors, to share his insights.

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JL Engineering Powers its Growth Using Deltek Cloud ERP

JL Engineering powers its growth using Deltek Cloud ERP

We are delighted to welcome on board JL Engineering as we enable their business with a scalable and streamlined project-based ERP solution to support their ambition for growth.

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Global Clarity Blog 2021

Deltek Clarity: A Global Perspective on the Key Industry Trends and Benchmarks for Architecture & Engineering Firms

The Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Report provides benchmarks and insights to empower firms to compare business performance with similar companies in the industry. Learn what this year's key trends and challenges are facing A&E firms around the globe and how taking a closer look at processes and technology can help identify opportunities.

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Deltek Clarity - Architecture and Engineering Industry Study 2021

New report: the latest trends and benchmarks for A&E firms in EMEA and APAC

The latest Deltek Clarity research explores trends and benchmarking data for A&E firms in EMEA and APAC. Here are the highlights – and what they mean for you.

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Man working with spreadsheet on a laptop

A&E and Consulting firms: is it time you moved beyond spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets play a pivotal role in Architecture, Engineering and Consulting companies. But for many firms, they may have reached the limit of their usefulness. Here’s why.

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Three Steps A&E and Consulting CFOs Took to Steer Their Firms Through Unprecedented Times

As Architecture, Engineering and Consulting firms navigated a global pandemic, finance teams stepped up to ensure business stability. We spoke to three CFOs to find out how.

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You professionals reviewing data and trends

Hinge High Growth Report Shows Shifts in AEC Marketing and Business Development

What changes are architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms adopting to work smarter in today’s ever-evolving market? Discover key takeaways impacting the industry in relation to office structure, marketing and market research, and business development from the Hinge High Growth Study - AEC edition.

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Buro Four and Deltek Logos

How Buro Four maximized profitability, improved agility and thrived in uncertain times

See how an employee-owned project management firm successfully steered its people – and its financial performance – through a period of significant disruption.

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Reflection and Reinvention: The Time is Now for AEC Businesses

Whilst the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries experienced a significant downturn in productivity during the pandemic, a unique opportunity for reflection was also gained. Industry specialists Thomas & Adamson and Sir Robert McAlpine share what they learned from 2020, and how they are using those insights to future proof their business.

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A&E and Consulting firms: here are three ways to streamline your resource planning

Resource management is crucial for A&E and Consulting firms – but few have an effective planning structure in place. Here are three recommendations for getting it right.

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Let facts power your business decisions

In a recent webinar for Deltek, lecturer Olof Gränström looked at the importance of making business decisions based on facts, and how organizations can rise to the challenge to pursue truly data-driven decision-making.

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The three big technology trends for the A&E industry - and how APAC firms are responding

This blog covers the three big technology trends A&E firms in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are focusing on as identified in the annual Deltek Clarity report.

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Benchmark your firm against the global A&E industry and discover the top KPIs for tracking performance

We found out how A&E firms across the world measure performance. Here are the benchmark findings, and the key metrics used.

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Pivoting in a Pandemic: 3 Top Tips from AEC Leaders

The pandemic created a variety of new challenges in a fast-changing environment. For AEC leaders, Erith and Structa however, this presented opportunity to adapt to new ways of doing business, with technology as the enabler. They share their key takeaways and advice to peers.

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Digital Transformation Only Works When Your People Are On Board. Here’s What That Means For AEC

Digital transformation may be about IT, but it’s for your people. Here’s why AEC firms must keep humans at the centre of IT modernisation.

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Technology in Practice: How Digital Innovation Can Boost Your Architectural Business

A group of Architecture industry experts came together to explore how technology has changed the way architects deliver projects and to reveal key findings from Deltek Clarity research.

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Norconsult AB beskriver hvordan Deltek har bidraget til en bedre kundeoplevelse

I dette interview fortæller Katarina Strivall, CFO fra Norconsult AB i Sverige, hvordan virksomheden har startet et digitalt skift, og hvordan det har bidraget til at skabe merværdi for kunderne.

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The Four Building Blocks To Successful A&E And Consulting Project Management: A Best Practice Guide

As architecture, engineering and consulting firms face growing pressure, responsive project management is vital. Here’s how to get the best out of your projects.

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Architecture & Engineering in the Nordics: Key Findings from the Deltek Clarity Report

We surveyed 150 Architecture & Engineering professionals from the Nordics to hear from them on industry trends, KPIs and benchmarks – this is what we found.

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Norconsult AB and Deltek

Norconsult AB’s CFO explains how moving to Deltek ERP has helped create value for their customers

In this interview, Katarina Strivall, Chief Financial Officer of Norconsult AB in Sweden, explains how the firm has embarked on a digital transformation journey and how that has helped power client value creation.

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Financial Management Best Practice

Three ways A&E and consulting firms can ease the pressure on finance teams

Now, more than ever, your finance teams are under pressure – so streamlining financial processes and providing the right support is vital.

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Document Management

Best Practices in Document Management

One of the biggest challenges many AEC businesses face is how to manage the abundance of emails, documents and drawings required for every project. Learn how a database-driven document management system can provide a single lens into your project information and drive processes that will save time and boost profitability.

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AINS Deltek

Leading Consulting Engineering Firm AINS Group Powers Future Growth With Deltek

Deltek are delighted to welcome on board AINS Group, one of the leading Consulting Engineering firms in Finland, as we help them optimise business processes.

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The Secret To Successful AEC Digital Transformation? Start Small And Scale

Digital transformation isn’t easy, especially in AEC. Here’s how you can start small, deliver quick wins and set your firm up for future success.

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ASPECT Studios - Deltek

Landscape Architecture Firm ASPECT Studios Powers ‘One Studio Model’ with Deltek ERP

In this interview, Chris Razzell, founder and Chairman of the Board, describes ASPECT Studios’ digital transformation journey, from system selection to successful deployment.

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Deltek Clarity Report

A&E: Which emerging tech have the greatest impact?

In A&E, new technologies are helping leading firms get ahead. But what solutions are most important, and how are firms deploying them?

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Architects and Engineers

A&E firms are at a different stage of digital maturity. Where do you fit in - and how can you get ahead?

We benchmarked digital maturity across A&E firms. Here are the results, and five suggestions to create a more digitally mature business.

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Mott McDonald

Mott MacDonald Makes Continuous Innovation Possible With Cloud-Based ERP System

In order to maintain its high standards, build an agile and responsive operation from sales, and project delivery to back office processes, Mott MacDonald collaborated with Deltek to transform its internal business infrastructure with a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. In this interview, Darren Russell, Chief Digital Officer of Mott MacDonald unpacked their rationale from back in 2017 when the firm embarked on their transformation.

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Architecture Blogs

The Top Construction, Engineering and Architecture Blogs In 2019

As we prepare to welcome the New Year, we've compiled a list of the most read Construction, Engineering, and Architecture blogs for 2019.

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