[Watch] Deltek Reflected Us: JDA Architects' Director Shares Their PIM Journey

Posted by Deltek on June 18, 2019

JDA Architects use Deltek

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JDA Architects are an award winning design practice with offices in Liverpool and Manchester. The firm was founded in 2000 and has grown to become one of the most recognised practices in the North West. Eighteen years of practice has seen JDA successfully complete schemes in sectors across the board but more recently they have become one of the leaders in residential, care and in particular modular design and delivery.

We recently caught up with Rob Henderson, Director of the northern-based practice, to hear how Deltek Project Information Management is the flexible, reliable and consistent system they needed to support their ISO 9001 accreditation and provide a level of service their customers have come to expect.

Tell Us About JDA Architects

"My name is Rob Henderson. I'm a director at JDA Architects. We're a practice of 22 across Manchester and Liverpool. We have a really varied portfolio of work, from one-off houses for high net worth individuals, straight through to 1800 units and new estates. We're very focused on care and dementia, straight through to extra care units, along with some commercial and educational work."

Why Did You Make The Move To Deltek PIM?

"We had various systems in place, none of which spoke to one another and that was our main issue, which really led to a lack of communication and became a real issue for us. The scale of projects increased, and the scale of staff increased, and all of a sudden we realised we had to change as a company to become that medium sized practice - and that's what we feel PIM will bring in. We've talked long and hard in the office about efficiency, however, the main thing for us is constancy, because now we'll have a much more holistic system that supports our ISO 9001 quality."


"What we found with Deltek is that it was flexible enough for us. It reflected us."



"It was the lack of flexibility of other systems that we found a real problem for us, as we were changing our systems to match how a system could work for us. What we found with Deltek is that it was flexible enough for us. It reflected us. It changed itself when we needed it to, because we could rewrite certain modules, we could add modules, take away modules, and that allowed us to build the right system for us."

Deltek PIM Customers

"We find competitor services will go up and down and we don't want to do that. We just want to hold our level and set our level of quality, and we feel that Deltek will be able to help us do that. The big thing for us with Deltek is the fact that it encompasses everything. We were looking at email management, we were looking at process, we were looking at being able to search things, and we were looking at being able to interrogate the projects in terms of their profitability. We didn't find a system that could do all of those, whereas when we came back to engage with Deltek, it seemed to encompass everything that we needed to do."

Describe The Process of Implementing Deltek Software

"We found the whole process to be a really good one. Right from the early stages, working with the Deltek team has been quite important for us because, as I say, it's a massive step chain for us to go from here to here. And so that implementation process for us had become really important, and actually it's worked really well for us."

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