The Chief Operating Officers Focusing On Digital Talent Management & Closing Inefficiency Gaps

Posted by Neil Davidson on November 26, 2018

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The Chief Operating Officers Digitalising Talent Management

At Deltek, the firms we see thrive have a strategy for talent that serves their organisation globally, in terms of efficiency, operational quality, user-experience and customer service and the COOs that we partner with are sharpening their focus on their talent strategy.

Like the Chief of Staff, they ensure the smooth running of the business, and their job descriptions and accountabilities are constantly evolving. They often possess a large range of skills and handle areas like new product development, new clients, HR, legal and compliance issues. And they are integral to supporting the strategy for internal and contingent employees.

Operational excellence, when it comes to talent and resource strategy, allows an organisation to prove that it is running the business reliably.


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We are starting to see COO’s incorporating digital capabilities that provide real-time data and analytics (explore the possibilities here). Doing so is enabling them and their counterparts to better measure productivity and financial performance, and promote a more customer centric, digital culture. More importantly it helps them to ensure they have diversity within their organisation for a more open, forward thinking and diverse mind-set.

Our clients find that these measures also elevate their growth profiles and expand margins within the competitive professional services industry.

One of our top Consulting Engineering clients has found that digital talent management played a key role in boosting their performance - especially given that innovations around mobile, automation and AI which require a transformative approach. It has allowed for agility and speed of decision making and, provided opportunities such as cross-functional collaboration to execute on strategy with speed.

Given today’s market volatility and skills shortages, developing a firm’s depth of talent has become critical to the COO and us as their partner, to reduce exposure of risk to the firm as it grows and takes on new clients and new challenges.

The Chief Operating Officers Closing Inefficiency Gaps

 Enterprise Resource Planning

Our professional services clients are increasingly focussed on best practise and improving their operations.

Margins are under pressure and costs are rising which means today’s landscape requires operations to look at processes unconventionally. This will include consolidating and centralising various areas of operations to improve inefficiency gaps.

Investment into solutions that allow a COO and their team to initiate control with real-time data visualisation, is a tried and tested method of reducing future costs.

For Deltek clients, operational excellence achieved via best practise and improved efficiencies, has a trickle effect, providing faster time to value throughout the organisation.

Today, one of our largest Consulting Engineering clients is creating new ways to operate more efficiently, by segmenting their projects based on the industrialised efficiency of their delivery models. They do this to better identify which opportunities have the greatest strategic value and highest return. For example their mainstream services include time and materials at one end of the scale, verses project / managed services at the higher end. They’ve been able to improve efficiency by correctly leveraging their global pool of talent, and as a result have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and superior company-wide results.


'Margins are under pressure and costs are rising which means today’s landscape requires operations to look at processes unconventionally'



Seen in this light, COO’s and their team are critical to supporting a customer’s journey and user experience, by allowing processes to respond with speed and precision and developing synergies across the business.

Optimising processes and gaining insight via best in class solutions can help firms understand the value of their core capabilities and allow them to better transfer information to their clients, leading to strong returns on capital.

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