Project Technology For AEC Firms: 10 Reasons Why Now Is The Time to Take Advantage

Posted by Claire Hodgson on May 25, 2018

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Are your information challenges caused by technology misuse? AEC firms are dealing with the advent of collaboration, social media, email, and other forms of electronic communication causing a myriad of information and process silos. Here are a few thoughts on why now is the right time to take advantage of project technology to help you manage your information.


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1. The End Is Not Near

As much as your world has been disrupted by technology, the impact of technology will only keep on growing so you need make it work to your advantage before you are left behind. Even email, the most archaic of the electronic communications media. It may feel like the bane of your existence, but experts believe its use will keep on increasing. The only way to improve and evolve is to invest in new technological solutions and to adopt new techniques to streamline and put a stop to the chaos.

2. Old Approaches Are Fading

Historically, many businesses have adopted a paper‐only approach for managing much of their project information, or perhaps they’ve implemented standalone solutions that need to be stitched together with vast amounts of manual effort. These are approaches that are becoming increasingly difficult to sustain. Surely now the only solution that makes sense is an integrated system that is ready‐built and continuing to evolve to suit the needs of your project‐oriented business.

3. Tight Margins Are No Excuse

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The business of delivering projects traditionally is tight on margins and is threatened by the lack of repetition‐based economies. With this in mind, how do you justify permitting the disruption in current processes, or the cost of investing in cutting‐edge software? The irony is, that very lack of repetition‐based work is one of the reasons that your project information is your lifeblood. A better system will ultimately pay for itself in increased productivity and reduced errors.

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4. It’ll Never Be Any Easier Than It Is Now

Projects are getting more complicated, larger, and more ambitious. The demand for well‐organised, integrated practices will only increase. As opportunities for growth present themselves, shouldn’t you invest now while the delivery is only this complex, you are only this busy, and the pressure for compliance is only this high? As the proverbial wisdom points out, a stitch in time saves nine. To that, add one more bit of wisdom: there’s no time like the present.

5. Duplication of Effort Is a No‐No

So you’ve decided to dive into a better system for project information management. Of course, you’ll want to select a system that is simple to use and has the features that you require. But make sure the features are integrated so that you don’t need to duplicate data entry, and so that learning one part gives you skills to help you with other parts.

6. Eliminating Effort Is a Yes‐Yes

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Progress is all about eliminating the need to think about and do certain things, so your mind can be free to think about and do even more important things. That’s what your project information management system ought to do for you. There are so many places that are ripe for automation. Think about the document register, for example. You definitely need to keep track of the documents that your team are generating. You need to keep different document types straight, and know which version is the latest. What if your system had predefined schemes for codes and numbers? What if your system automatically kept others in the loop when files are updated or approvals are needed? What if you felt confident that those and other vital but sometimes mundane tasks would take care of themselves? What would you do with the bandwidth that has just been freed in your brain?

7. Get Out Of Town

You never imagined you’d be carrying a computer around in your pocket, but there you are with your smartphone. When you’re developing your project information management solution, be imaginative about the possibilities of working away from your desk, because what seems pie‐in‐the‐sky now will likely be a basic expectation before long. Look for a solution that has powerful mobile working capabilities now, and that has a track record of keeping up with those changes that seem unimaginable.

8. You'll Want Some Help

You don’t have to do this on your own. There’s no need to invent a better mousetrap, because someone else has already been working on it. When it comes to seeking out help with your project information management, select a provider that is focused on your market and understands your challenges. You need an expert that speaks your language and keeps up-to‐date with the changes in legislation, technology, and techniques that impact your industry.

9. Not Too Much, Not Too Little

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Consider the approach championed by Deltek, we are an enterprise software and information solutions provider that speaks the language of the project‐focused world. Deltek provides solutions which overlay your processes to just the right extent. This means striking a balance between the all‐singing, all-dancing solution whose complexity models every condition, versus a solution that is too simple to be useful. The best solution must attract users without the need for excessive training. And it must allow you to involve external parties without putting the burden on you to support them.

10. Good‐Looking for the Long Term

One more thing about the right project information management solution: It must be attractive to look at and enjoyable to use. And it needs to stay that way. The solution must promise to evolve as technology changes, and be a long‐term platform to support your activities.

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