5 Tips That Will Help You Hire Top Talent Effortlessly

Posted by Stephanie Salguero on June 7, 2016

Hire Talent Fast

Recruiting top talent is not that easy. According to report by Robert Half, one in ten new recruits are regarded as a 'poor hiring decision' with 70% of HR directors admitting that they have hired someone who did not meet expectations. Additionally, recruiting can take time and make you miss out on candidates, with Jobvite reporting it takes on average 45 days to hire a new team member.  

Here are our tips to help you to hire top talent fast:

Tip 1: Plan in advance

Plan in advance your talent strategy

Be able to forecast when you will need to bring new people on board. Look at the pipeline to understand if potential deals may require additional head count to get the job done. HR can start looking for candidates and be ready to get in touch as soon as the business is won.

Internally, anticipate who may be leaving, retiring or ask to leave by keeping track of your employees’ records.

And lastly, always be on the lookout for qualified candidates, even if your company is not actively recruiting at the time. That way, you will stay a step and a network of suitable candidates to turn to when you do have positions to fill.

Tip 2: Actively manage candidates through the hiring process

Provide a positive recruitment experience with feedback

Provide a positive recruitment experience with feedback and updates in a timely manner or the candidates could lose interest if they don’t hear back from you. If you keep in mind the candidate’s experience at each step of the recruiting process, you will be rewarded with committed candidates keen to evolve to the next stage.

Tip 3: Have a strong employer branding

Have a strong employer branding

Strong branding and positioning should include a good career site promoting your company culture. Try techniques such as using testimonials from your current employees to encourage interest from high calibre candidates. For instance, create a video showing your offices and company perks such as team building activities. Really make potential candidates want to be part of your business.

Tip 4: Show you can provide career development opportunities

provide career development opportunities

Candidates are looking for a work place where they will be able to thrive and stay for a while. You want your employees to stay as long as possible to avoid the cost of high turnover. According to a report by Oxford Economics, firms with fewer than 9 workers spend on average £2,902 on logistical costs when replacing a worker, rising to over £7,000 amongst firms with more than 250 workers. If you can prove to candidates you are dedicated to their career growth, they will be more likely to consider you. Make sure you talk about your investment in employee development and training.

Tip 5: Don’t forget the onboarding process

Implement a solid and thorough onboarding process

Invest time in implementing a solid and thorough onboarding that will save time on training your new employees. For example, appoint an onboarding leader that will help new hires interact with the company culture. And lastly, provide clear responsibilities from the start, let your new talent know exactly what is expected of them from day one.

Attracting top talent takes a strong recruiting strategy. By making your recruitment plan smarter you will save time on finding the best talent and become an employer of choice amongst the candidates. 

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