Tips For Boosting Team Leadership Skills

Posted by Chris Duddridge on May 22, 2014

boost team leadership skills

In this article I will take a look at approaches to leadership and ways of encouraging autonomy within a group dynamic.

As a strong managerial candidate, the support of an effective team is vital because it will free up the time and resources you require for initiating growth strategies and driving business success - both of which are the key to getting you noticed in the boardroom.

To begin with - and with help from your business system or ERP platform - draw up a comprehensive resource plan that focuses on matching the needs of the clients with the available resources from your team. Establish the budget, timescales, deliverables and any fluctuations in workload to keep the project running smoothly. From this overview, a competent manager like yourself will be able to identify areas where resources are likely to be in extra demand and act quickly to fill any service holes that could cause issues at a later date.

This attention to planning and forecasting will also help you lighten the burden on colleagues who are dealing with - or faced with - an over-demanding workload. This is important because over-stretched employees who are offered little in the way of support may consider leaving the company. This can result in a major blow for the firm as a high-staff turnover can damage morale for the rest of the workforce and cost the business time and money to address.

For tackling resourcing issues, an enterprise resource planning system is an indispensable and functional tool that will provide the insight you need to keep your project on track - and your team rallied and motivated. Yet it will also help you support your managers and bring extra value to your role through providing insight into activity progress, business opportunities and project profitability. These are the skills that will really prove useful when it comes to earning recognition from your peers and climbing to the top of the ladder when it comes to bagging that next promotional opportunity.