Using Cloud ERP Software Does Not Guarantee ROI

Posted by Stefan Grahn on January 28, 2014

cloud erp

While Cloud ERP software rightfully has gained a lot of traction during the last couple of years, a cloud deployment model in itself is not a guarantee to realising that sweet but somewhat elusive ROI from implementing a new ERP solution. 

Let’s say that your organisation select a Cloud ERP solution from one of those generic solution vendors who claim to have a distinct industry focus (“we only do manufacturing, distribution, retail, banking, public sector and professional services…”), you may realise that a traditional implementation of a generic ERP solution may not differ very much from a traditional on-premise implementation. 

Personally I believe in another paradigm. I believe that Cloud ERP and rapid implementation methodologies is a match made in heaven. I believe that in order to do rapid implementations you need to be a true industry specialist. You need to have a solution purpose-built for a specific industry, and you need to have the industry expertise to actually build a pre-configured, yet flexible, solution that is relevant for the industries you want to target. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? 

Unfortunately for some of our industry peers, a pre-configured purpose-built solution is not enough. You also need a consulting team who actually has the relevant industry experience to help you implement the solution, train your super users, and realise measureable business benefits in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

For business executives everywhere, Cloud ERP may be the greatest invention since sliced bread, but if a rapid and cost-effective implementation will help you drive down cost and reap the business benefits much faster, it will make your ROI analysis so much more compelling.