Voli ApS chooses Deltek Maconomy to scale their business

February 03, 2022

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We’re delighted to welcome on board Voli ApS as we enable their business with an integrated and streamlined finance and projects solution to support their ambition for international growth.

Voli ApS is a software, digital solutions and consultancy provider with offices in both Denmark and Norway. The company creates digital solutions to simplify workflows and processes, helping organizations obtain the full benefit of their digitization efforts, and provides both services and add-on software to the Deltek Maconomy platform.

International growth is an important part of the Voli strategy. To support this objective, they needed a solution that could provide a solid integrated finance and projects module and the ability to understand profitability within individual product lines more effectively.

" Deltek Maconomy allows us to scale as a business and gain the necessary insights into our operations"

Bjørn Tore Aurlien, Partner, Voli

Voli will partner with Deltek to implement Deltek Maconomy to support their strategy. Deltek’s unique industry expertise and fully project-centric ERP solution provides Voli with the tools needed to streamline their business. Voli’s consultancy business will secure a real time overview of projects; WIP (Work in Progress) accounting and invoicing, project management and budget follow up. Voli’s development side, integrated with their JIRA solution, will achieve a real time snapshot of the product profitability.

Voli was looking for the strongest ERP solution in the market, and felt that Deltek Maconomy is the best solution for them. By choosing Deltek, they can scale easily without a need for investing in more complex and expensive software in the future.

Bjørn Tore Aurlien, a Partner at Voli, explains: “Having implemented Deltek Maconomy as our business platform, we now have the system that will allow us to scale both geographically and in the services we provide. In addition to allowing for scale, one of the primary benefits is the insights into our operations that Maconomy delivers. Using our own VOLI Connect integration as a service platform, we will integrate with JIRA for our product development tracking, along with other applications to give us a fully automated and accurate picture of our business. This will give us real-time information as to the profitability of our products and services, and give our employees real insights to where we should be spending our resources."

“We are thrilled to welcome Voli to the Deltek Project Nation family. Voli is on an exciting growth journey and our cloud ERP solution will provide them with a powerful, agile and scalable platform to support and accelerate their business” - Pouline Wagtberg, Managing Director Deltek Nordic.

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