Benefits of Deltek PM Compass for Project Management

Deltek PM Compass Benefits for Project Management

Project Awareness

Providing a single, comprehensive view for users at all levels, the role-based interactive portals in PM Compass deliver total access to information specialised for individual user roles. Better yet, the portals ensure that data is both based in real time and supported by the common business language of the company. Additionally, role-based interactive portals allow easy access to critical information. Driven by real-time, relevant data, PM Compass simplifies root-cause analysis, quickly identifies time-wasting or costly issues and empowers agile and proactive remedies that translate into profitability for businesses.


  • Provides controlled and safe direct interaction with underlying tools of record
  • Delivers complete change management lifecycle support
  • Removes the need for tedious, error-prone manual processes
  • Gives time back to proactively analyse and measure KPIs


  • Utilises a single view for all the information a project team needs to execute a project
  • Immediately pushes data to the correct users
  • Eliminates inconsistent data
  • Enables effective reporting processes
  • Increases real-time applicability of information


  • Enforces individual ownership and accountability
  • Ensures adherence to workflow standards
  • Allows users to take action quickly and proactively

Implementing a software-based, workflow-driven process can save time, protect against user errors, and provide highly accurate and auditable data around which to manage projects. By functioning under the principle that change within a project is inevitable — meaning your PM solution should assist in driving change rather than ignoring it — Deltek PM Compass is able to deliver timely and accurate information to the right people at the right time, improving overall productivity. Additionally, PM Compass allows businesses to streamline the change management process, reduce process errors, lower the cost of project control, create a clear path toward program execution excellence and enhance overall staff confidence in project results. For more information about PM Compass, read the product guide.