Research Management Software for Research Organizations

Project-based ERP is in our DNA. For 30+ years, Deltek has been laser-focused on delivering project lifecycle solutions to market, scientific and academic research firms around the globe. From trusted and easy research project creation to resource planning, efficient research delivery and effective financial management, research organizations turn to Deltek for the visibility needed to effectively plan researchers, control required to help manage costs and insight crucial to profitably grow your organization.

Deltek's project-based ERP systems include:

Market Research

Trust in the numbers, your research methodologies, consistent execution, and ensuring the value of research is critical to your firm’s success. The pressure of competition, especially from the purchasers of research will continue for the foreseeable future. Deltek provides market research solutions to ensure visibility, control, and insight over research projects which enable consistent quality, reduced costs, and satisfied clients.

Market Research firms rely on our solutions to drive operation efficiencies and increase profitability

Scientific/Clinical Research Organizations

Scientific research organizations/CROs are feeling the pressure of steeper competition for fewer funding alternatives and increased reporting requirements. It’s a challenge for these knowledge-intensive organizations to stay focused on their core mission when business expectations are on the rise. Research Organizations need research project management solutions that provide visibility, control, and insight over projects which enable consistent quality, reduced costs, and quicker time to market globally.

Research organizations rely on our solutions to support core global research activities in both the preclinical and clinical development stages.

Academic/Not-for-Profit Research Organizations

Academic Research Organizations are feeling pressure from decreased funding sources and are looking for ways to reduce the overhead administrative support costs which allows for a greater percentage of spending for direct research activities. Oftentimes, over half of the dollars in research grants are consumed by F&A and other overhead costs to ensure compliance with regulations, policies, and reporting requirements. Reducing the costs of research administration requires organizations to unify the research administration systems making the tasks streamlined, automated, and efficient.

The research functions of universities, academic medical centers, and teaching hospitals rely on our project management solutions for reseach organizations to support core research activities.


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