Teaming Solutions

For government contractors, winning more business and driving revenue often requires successful teaming partner relationships. No matter the size of your organization you need to market your capabilities to a large range of potential partners. With well over one million federal prime contractors and small businesses focused on the government market, the prospect of identifying the best potential partners and then reaching them can easily become overwhelming. With the speed of business today and the number of government opportunities available, government contractors need a cost-effective and quick way to forge the right relationships.

Deltek's teaming solutions streamline the teaming process so that government contractors can add this essential capability to their business. By combining networking capabilities, software applications, and unique industry content, Deltek's teaming solutions help government contractors win more business, streamline the business development process, maximize utilization, and gain valuable insight into industry drivers.

Using Deltek's teaming solutions government contractors can more quickly and cost-effectively:

Connect with Others:

  • Find teaming partners, subcontractors, and staff
  • Achieve small business and diversity goals

Discover and Share Opportunities:

  • Find and post opportunities through an online member network
  • Match partners to requirements and prioritize by qualification and past performance
  • Increase your pipeline and improve your win rate

Communicate and Collaborate:

  • Interact online in private teaming areas to streamline collaboration
  • Effectively manage large opportunities that leverage best-of-breed teams
  • Make faster and more informed bid/no-bid decisions