Deltek for Dummies Books

Expert or beginner—doesn’t matter! Look through Deltek’s tell-all Dummies offerings to get detailed insight on moving your project-based business to the next level.

Planning a Great Project for Dummies

You’ve got the most powerful, up-to-date project planning and management tools. So why are projects continually behind schedule and over budget? The solution is in your hands! This helpful book spells out a five-part process for creating schedules that are well-formed, risk-adjusted, and optimized, leading to more realistic and achievable project plans.

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Project-Based ERP for Dummies

If projects are in your company’s DNA, you can benefit from this book! It doesn’t matter what your company builds or services – if your revenues and profits are derived from projects, this book explains the benefits of using a purpose-built ERP system to run your business.

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Government Contracting for Dummies

Explaining in detail how to do business with the government sector—from the big federal agencies to the tiniest Congressional commission—Government Contracting for Dummies offers the winning tips, strategies and resources you need to increase your win rate and be more successful in your contracting approach!

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Integrated Program Management for Dummies

IPM is an excellent approach for just about any organization whose existence revolves around landing and completing projects. Read the IPM for Dummies eBook now and see how you can take program management to the next level, by providing structure and a common language for the entire team!

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Earned Value Management for Dummies

Whether you’re a seasoned project manager, a project controls professional or an executive, Earned Value Management for Dummies will give you practiced advice on making your EVM journey successful—driving more successful projects for your entire organization!

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Capturing Federal Business for Dummies

Knowing where to look for opportunities, the right proposal strategies and what the potential risks are will mean the difference between frustration and the ultimate success in the federal market. Download Capturing Federal Business for Dummies today, and learn all the do’s and don’ts that will make your federal business capture approach a success!

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