Vision Technology

Powering Your Business

The innovative Vision technology platform was developed with one driving principal — to streamline IT and business processes. Vision's technology foundation breaks down traditional application boundaries by providing users with universal access to information through an interface that is tailored to your unique business processes. The result is an application people will use because it simplifies their work day through automation, executives and managers will rely on because it effectively delivers timely key performance indicators they need to run the business and will provide IT professionals with scalable technology and tools to adapt and extend the application to meet the firm's unique requirements.

  • 100% web-based technology
  • Innovative technology foundation built with Microsoft .NET
  • SOA and Web Services for customization and integration
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office

Vision Xtend

Configuration versus Customization

Every firm has unique requirements. Deltek Vision was designed to allow firms to easily configure the application to meet these unique requirements without complex coding or costly customization. From configuring screens, reports and terminology to applying role-based security down to the field level, Vision provides the tools to tailor the user experience. The payoff: an application that easily adapts to your business.


Think of the complexity of some of your firm's business processes — those that have numerous steps, require coordination between multiple people, departments or offices, and span days, weeks, or months. Each step of the way, the opportunity exists for someone to drop the ball or make a costly mistake. The Deltek Vision Workflow Manager keeps processes on track, automates time-consuming manual tasks, and keeps players informed and involved. The payoff: lower operational costs, greater agility, and quicker response to client needs.

Integration with Other Software and Services

It is critical for firms to be able to leverage their existing IT investments through integration. Deltek Vision's Web Services APIs allow firms to more easily ingrate Vision with other mission critical applications. In addition, Deltek Vision can be extended to interface with other web services that enhance the user's experience. The payoff: Vision can be extended to leverage critical information sources and services for greater efficiency.

Microsoft Office Integration

Many users regularly rely on Microsoft Office applications like Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Word for collaboration and document production. Deltek Vision is combined with the comfort and universal acceptance of Microsoft Office. Users working in the Office applications they know can use them in conjunction with Deltek Vision. The payoff: much greater user adoption and productivity.