Deltek Vision Navigator

Giving Front Office Workers What They Need to do
Their Jobs

Navigator is a revolutionary new tool intended to give front office workers an alternative way to access the most commonly used Vision functionality for their role in a streamlined and consolidated manner anywhere they have access to the Internet and a browser. Intended to meet the needs of project managers, business developers, executives and the general employee, Navigator benefits these front office workers by giving them just what they need to do their jobs, while simultaneously benefiting the organization through facilitating the collection of more accurate and complete organizational information.

Deltek Vision Navigator gives firms

  • A management portal for on-the-go project managers
  • The ability to easily capture data, manage projects remotely, and share status with everyone
  • Planning for labor, consultants and expenses
  • Project control for project managers and project visibility for the firm
  • Timesheet and Expense entry without having to go into the full Vision application

Who Should Use Navigator?

Navigator can be used by many people in the organization.

Anyone who enters time or expenses can use Navigator’s employee workspace to get their time recorded or their expenses entered.

Anyone who needs to manage a project, monitor a project or contribute to the planning process can also use Navigator.

In addition, Navigator is an ideal tool for departmental/organizational managers who monitor their project managers and their organization’s projects.

Navigator is a one stop shop for all things in the front office, from project management to timesheet and expense entry. It can be used on any platform – PC, Mac and even tablet devices, ready for access on the go, anywhere you have an internet connection.

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