Vision Benefits by Role

For Project Managers

Project Managers face some daunting challenges to bring projects/engagements in on-time and at the highest possible level of profitability. Deltek Vision helps project managers like you to do this everyday.

Can you get up-to-the-minute project information that will help bring your projects in on time and on budget?

Projects are the lifeblood of any architecture and engineering firm-they must be properly planned and executed in order to preserve margins and retain happy clients. To meet these objectives, projects managers need real time information at their fingertips that will help them identify problems early enough to allow timely course correction.

Vision provides you with up-to-the-minute project information:

  • Web-based architecture 
  • Vision Performance Management including important Activities, Reports, Alerts and Project Information
  • Project Review Center 
  • Targeted, configurable project management reports with drill down
  • Earned Value Analysis 
  • One database for all critical business processes
  • Resource Planning module

Does your management team waste time trying to put the right people on the right projects/engagements in the right location?

If a firm can not maintain high levels of staff utilization and can not place the right team members on each job, profits and client relationships will be jeopardized. It has been estimated by the Aberdeen Group that integrated project management systems can improve employee utilization by 8%. Even an increase of 2% is an additional profit of $200,000 for a company with 60 billable resources billing at $80 per hour.

Vision provides you with tools that allow you to constantly monitor project status and plan for project success:

  • Resource Planning
  • Project Plan View
  • Utilization View
  • Skills Search
  • Staff Utilization and profitability reports
  • Time sheets: Utilization ratio and activity budgets
  • GANTT Charts
  • Dashboard Alerts for employees and project managers

Do your accounting and project management systems talk to each other?

Maintaining several different systems that track important financial and project data wastes valuable time, causes frustration, can result in uninformed decisions, and increases the potential for data-related errors. Additionally, it does not allow managers to see where they are at in real time, which severely impacts their ability to quickly respond to project cost, schedule or resource issues.

Vision provides you with a complete, integrated source for project management and project accounting systems:

  • One point of entry and one point of access for all project budget, cost, schedule, resource planning and utilization, billing and accounts receivable information.