Schedule Index Calculator

Find out how your schedule quality scores or convert your earned value, schedule and cost data into UN/CEFACT schema – all without needing to install any software.

What Is the Schedule Index Calculator?

The Deltek Acumen Schedule Index Calculator is a free web-based utility that gives you a quick overview as to the quality of your schedule and where it may fall short of perfection. It’s a single schedule quality indicator that scores the quality of your project and compares it with industry benchmarks for a more comprehensive level of project analysis.

How to calculate your score

Simply select your MS Project or Primavera schedule and see how the Schedule Index Calculator scores it in logic quality, duration accuracy, float and overall schedule complexity. If your score indicates there are issues present that can affect the success of your project, then it’s time for the full project diagnostic capabilities of Deltek Acumen Fuse to take over and fix the problems identified.

What Is the UN/CEFACT File Converter?

Deltek’s free web utility not only gives you the ability to score your project, but additionally provides a direct and painless way to convert your earned value, schedule and cost information into the UN/CEFACT schema.

How to convert files

Check the box next to “Convert to UN/CEFACT” and then use the “Upload Project” button to select the data you would like converted. Once the conversion is complete you will not only receive your Schedule Index score, but you will have the option to download the newly converted UN/CEFACT file.

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