Maconomy Technology

An Integrated Systems Approach

The technologies in Maconomy are designed to work as one seamlessly integrated entity, eliminating maintenance of integrations between modules, avoiding additional hardware, and minimizing sources of data inconsistencies arising from system changes, system expansions, and upgrades.

Maconomy's advanced server architecture is divided into three layers: the presentation layer (Maconomy clients for various platforms), the application layer (the business logic), and the technology layer. The sharp separation between these layers supports scalability and a wide choice of user interfaces, server operating systems, database systems, and integration interfaces.

The technology layer automatically integrates all key functions everywhere in the application and offers the following cutting-edge capabilities:

  • Flexible access control
  • Numerous integration options
  • Dynamic translation with support of several languages
  • Integrated reporting architecture
  • Easy transition to new platforms
  • Simple hardware architecture with focus on price/performance ratio
  • Workflow engine for business process support