Integrations and Enhancements

A More Intuitive Way to Manage Business Development

GovWin's many market intelligence solutions are built with the ability to combine with enhanced capabilities or integrate with your many existing management tools.

Integrate GovWin IQ Opportunities to Maximize Deltek Capabilities to Help Find and Win More Contracts

Every minute counts when it comes to finding opportunities that match your business. The GovWin IQ to Capture Management Integration feature consolidates your sales efforts. As a feature of Capture Management, the IQ to CRM Integration helps you get up-to-date, comprehensive information on qualified government procurement opportunities that are tailored to your sales objectives.

IQ to Capture Management Integration helps you:

  • Streamline your search efforts – Save time by eliminating manual opportunity data entry
  • Stay up-to-date on procurement information – Never miss pertinent dates with integrated functionality that allows you to view upcoming deadlines within the Capture Management application
  • Enhance organization collaboration – Help your team reach a higher level of communication by targeting and measuring sales efforts within one application
  • Increase efficiency – Shorten the business development process to help facilitate more contract wins by decreasing task duplication

Download a video demo of the GovWin Capture Management Connector.


Easily Integrate Government Business Opportunities and Contacts into Salesforce

The GovWin Connector V2 for Salesforce is a web services based interface that allows you to easily import GovWin government contract opportunities and related government contacts into Salesforce, and map Salesforce accounts to GovWin content such as Agency Profiles, Opportunities and Organization Charts. The connector uses the Web Services Application Programming Interface to import GovWin content into Salesforce.

With the GovWin IQ Connector for Salesforce you can:

  • Consolidate your efforts to find and win government business by automatically populating your GovWin opportunities and contacts into Salesforce, and using it to manage your opportunity pipeline.
  • Facilitate more contract wins through increased efficiency by combining GovWin and Salesforce into one cohesive application. Access your GovWin content from your Salesforce accounts and align them with GovWin government hierarchies.
  • Never miss procurement updates or pertinent dates!

Download a video demo of the Salesforce Connector.


Increase Opportunity Management Efficiency

When it comes to building your pipeline with opportunities that match your solutions, organizing each line item for internal use can mean hours of manually transferring and populating a spreadsheet to match your organization’s database fields. That’s where the Pipeline Manager can help.

Pipeline Manager is a new, Excel®-compatible tool that lets you bookmark and download information on each opportunity which can help streamline your organization’s opportunity tracking process. It allows you to create custom fields or “flex fields” that can help optimize your organization’s internal opportunity management and reporting. This feature can be added as an enhancement to your existing subscription for use with federal opportunities. With the Pipeline Manager, you can:

  • Add your organization’s flex fields to federal opportunities
  • Filter, display, and edit flex fields on opportunity detail pages
  • Define up to 10 Flex Fields associated with an opportunity’s content using a Pipeline Manager administration utility
  • Choose up to five different data types (date, integer, single-select data, multiple-select data, and text)
  • Search federal, state and local opportunities that match your defined flex field data
  • Integrated with the federal, state and local opportunity basic search function
  • Report flex fields side-by-side with federal, state and local opportunities data
  • Change display fields in search results
  • Download to Excel® for internal use

Download a walkthrough presentation to see how Pipeline Manager works with the opportunity database.