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Actionable Insight at the Speed Your Business Needs

Competition for contracts in the federal market place is intensifying, and that means that Government Contractors need the best tools available to win and maintain federal contracts. So ask yourself this: is your business able to understand your bid and win rate quickly and easily? Does it know exactly what stage all current opportunities are in?

Deltek Capture Analytics delivers all this and more, helping you answer questions about your business and allowing you to make smarter, more accountable, information-based decisions. Working directly with GovWin CRM, Capture Analytics allows users to leverage out-of-the-box analytical dashboards to understand critical business data, discover key business insights and even uncover potential issues before they arise. With the ability to filter data multiple ways—including the market sector—these dashboards include:

  • Current Pipeline – View your current pipeline by stage, drill down to the opportunity details and quickly access changes
  • Pipeline Revenue Forecast – Ability to view actuals down to the specific opportunity level
  • Historical Pipeline – Allows users to look back at opportunities and status
  • Bid and Win Rate – Easy access to bid, win and no bid rates
  • And, with the ability to also customize your own dashboards, you can identify trends specific to your firm and make complex information easy to comprehend.

So what can Capture Analytics do?

Performs Associate Analysis

  • Remixability and reassembly capabilities allows users to easily remix and reassemble data in new views and create new visualizations for deeper understanding
  • Users are not limited to predefined paths or questions they are forced to formulate ahead of time
  • Unrestricted analysis of application data helps users make time-saving and accurate decisions

Executed Business Discovery Tasks

  • Bridges the gap between traditional BI solutions and standalone office productivity applications, which enables users to forge new and paths and make new discoveries
  • Works with GovWin CRM and other data sources, while infusing new capabilities into BI
  • Extends targeted insight to all levels of the organization
  • Creates a strong social and collaborative experience, where users can  engage decision-making users in wiki-like environments to drive knowledge throughout the organization

Delivers Instant, Actionable Information

  • Rapid implementation takes day, not weeks
  • Zero Wait Analysis lets users call up data, ask questions and receive answers as they need them on even the most complex business questions, instead of waiting weeks
  • Lightning-fast data loading allows millions of records to be loaded in mere minutes

Deltek Costpoint Analytics – Business Intelligence Designed Specifically for Government Contractors

  • Role-based analytical dashboards
  • Out-of-the-box metrics
  • Rich, visual analysis of critical performance indicators
  • Instant drill down leading to actionable results
  • Trending and analysis in highly interactive environment
  • Extensibility to combine data from multiple data sources

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Capture Analytics

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