GCS Premier Capabilities

With Deltek GCS Premier, you can:

Maximize Business Productivity

With Deltek GCS Premier, you can streamline your entire business cycle with a seamless flow of information from accounting modules to projects, reports and invoices. The software automates key processes such as calculating indirect rates, computing revenue, and creating bills.

Ensure Data Consistency and Accuracy

A fully integrated solution with a single repository of financial and contract data, Deltek GCS Premier ensures the integrity of your data, maintains consistency throughout the system, and eliminates duplicate entry and redundant data sources.

Comply with DCAA Regulations

Developed in conjunction with FAR and CAS, Deltek GCS Premier is 100% compliant with DCAA’s Standard Form 1408 and is automatically upgraded when federal regulations change. Timekeeping procedures and automated, integrated ledger postings provide visible audit trails. Automated Final Incurred Cost Submission (FICS) reports greatly reduce time and effort spent and ensures fewer negative audit findings.

Manage Projects

Real time results keep project managers informed with a single view of their contracts. Automatically calculate indirect rates, contract revenue and track all contract attributes through extensive job cost reporting to ensure profitability.

Reduce Operating Costs

An out-of-the-box solution, Deltek GCS Premier requires little customization, reducing implementation, training, and adoption time and providing a rapid return on investment. Easy to install and maintain with no third-party database server required, GCS Premier places minimal burden on IT staff and greatly reduces hardware costs.