Deltek First for Government Contractors

Achieve Better Results with Cloud ERP & CRM for Government Contractors

Deltek First for Government Contractors is the only govcon-specific, SaaS solution suite to serve the complete Project Lifecycle needs for mid-sized and small business government contracting organizations. Leveraging the world's most trusted accounting and project management software, Deltek First is designed to grow with your organization to help fast-growing, small business government contracting firms maximize business performance and realize better project results — all while incurring fewer risks and reducing compliance costs.

Project Lifecycle

The Deltek First suite of solutions for government contractors includes:

Protect and extend the life of your Deltek First solution with an award-winning Deltek Customer Care Support Plan. Our comprehensive plans include the training and support you need to maximize your cloud investment.

Competition for contracts is intensifying. Winning contracts has grown more complex and requires government contractors to adopt collaborative processes to succeed. Getting the right market intelligence, managing your bid & proposal processes and finding primes is critical to your success. Deltek First can help you:

  • Find information on 8(a) and other SMB-specific opportunities
  • Track, manage and prioritize activities, contacts and opportunities
  • Find prime contractors to team with
  • Increase utilization by finding work for those "on the bench"

Leveraging a single view of contracts, project managers stay informed with real-time project status information. Deltek First automatically calculates indirect rates and contract revenue, making it easy to track all contract attributes and job costs. This is critical in successfully balancing inequitable labor utilization and safeguarding project profitability. Deltek First can help you:

  • Increase revenue by managing ceilings and minimizing Unallowable Costs
  • Decrease costs and effort of efficient Budgeting, Planning and Reporting
  • Decrease costs of managing Timesheets and Travel Expenses

Cash flow management is vital to survival. Government contracting firms face unique cash flow challenges, such as managing interest and unallowable expenses, executing accurate, timely and compliant invoicing and ensuring that the cash curve stays ahead of the cost curve. When companies are able to manage, measure and improve cash flow, they benefit from increase net working capital, reduced DSO, improved forecasting and accuracy and increased visibility in the cost structure. Deltek First can help you:

  • Improve cash flow and decreased cost due to Improved Invoicing Procedures
  • Decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

As government contracting organizations grow, the ability to efficiently and effectively maintain compliant processes can mean the difference between success and failure. When the DCAA examines a contractor's system for compliance, they almost always start with the accounting system, looking for a system with sufficient cost recording, tracking, allocation, billing mechanisms and internal controls. Auditors are looking to give the government a level of confidence in project results, and Deltek First can both help meet compliance standards and reduce headaches during audits.

Deltek First can help you:

  • Decrease cost due to decreased time spent maintaining compliant processes
  • Decreased cost due to decreased level of effort to prove compliance and respond to audits

Delivered via the cloud, Deltek First delivers valuable capabilities that help government contractors win more business, increase project visibility, better manage cash flow and reduce the cost of compliance. Specifically, Deltek First helps smaller govcons reap these benefits quickly with:

  • Low Initial Costs - Since Deltek First is subscription-based, there are no perpetual license fees, services costs or hardware purchases, meaning lower up-front costs. As result, cash-strapped start-up government contractors can afford to go live quickly.
  • Easy Upgrades - Since Deltek manages all upgrades, patches, etc., there are essentially no IT requirements on the customer, so small govcons can focus on being successful rather than finding IT resources or making capital purchases.
  • Global Access - Since Deltek First is delivered in the cloud, users can access the application anywhere and at any time.
  • Shorter Deployment Times - Customers can be up and running immediately with Deltek First, instead of waiting weeks to get the on-premise software set-up and deployed.

Built modularly, fast-growing govcons can leverage Deltek First's complete capabilities including GovWin IQ, GovWIn CRM, Memberships, Accounting capabilities, Time & Expense Management, Budgeting & Planning, Reporting, Analytics, Payroll and Procurement.