Contract Lifecycle Management

It is well known that the documentation, compliance and audit requirements for a federal contract are exponentially more complex than a typical commercial agreement. Now that the DFARS Contractor Business Systems Rule has been finalized—establishing requirements for six different business systems, including the contractor’s procurement/contracts system—the stakes for non-compliance or failed audits have never been higher.

Deltek Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is today’s only SaaS solution that offers native FAR/DFARS compliant contract management, while simultaneously supporting the level of complexity and regulation that is routinely found in government. In fact, Deltek CLM is powered by the exact same technology that powers PRISM, the most successfully implemented acquisition and contract management solution used across the government today.

Deltek CLM offers full contract lifecycle management—from bid through contract award, and modifications to final closeout and even subcontractor management. Featuring electronic alerts, powerful ad hoc reporting, executive dashboards and much more, Deltek CLM lets you:

  • Directly access the Clause Library, featuring FAR, DFARS and supplemental/historical terms
  • Significantly mitigate risks associated with DCAA compliance and DCMA and CPSR audits
  • Centralize and standardize the entire contract lifecycle, including subcontractor management
  • Improve all-over process visibility, transparency and accountability

Powered by Compusearch

Deltek CLM is powered by Compusearch, the leading provider of enterprise software and services that automate mandated business rules for organizations involved with public-sector contracts and grants. As a web-based, zero-footprint, SaaS solution that can support users around the globe, Deltek CLM is offered through the partnering of Deltek and Compusearch’s robust market intelligence, industry know-how and contract lifecycle management experience.

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