Costpoint Capabilities

Enhance Project and Financial Management to Drive Profitability

Deltek understands that a project business’ processes for project and financial accounting—such as billing, revenue recognition, expense management and compliance—can be both complex and unique to each organization. With projects at the core of the solution, Costpoint enables you to automate these complex financial processes so you can shorten billing cycles to get paid faster, obtain accurate, up-to-date information to enhance decision making and improve forecasting and budgeting to make your company more profitable.

Automate Human Resources Processes

Deltek Costpoint Human Resources solutions help you focus on strategic HR activities instead of the manual processes that take up too much of your time. Designed specifically for the HR needs of project-driven organizations, Deltek HR solutions enable you to extend human resources out to your employees, automate HR process so your business will run more efficiently and cost effectively and simplify compliance so your organization avoids lawsuits and lost contracts. Just as importantly, these Costpoint HR solutions work together to create one system of record—providing you with a single, easily viewed system for all of your HR information.

Improve Decision Making

Deltek Performance Management solutions can turn your critical information in Costpoint and other Deltek systems into actionable data that lets you make better decisions for higher profitability. As a specialized software suite that combines all project and corporate information from various sources, Deltek Performance Management software provides you with a visual snapshot of everything that is going on within your organization.

Win New Business

Deltek Costpoint CRM is the only comprehensive business development and capture software designed specifically for government contractors. With Deltek Costpoint CRM, you can empower sales with automated lead generation, manage intelligence as a corporate asset, enable defined business development process for predictable results and improve performance—all resulting in increased revenue and effectiveness without increasing operating costs. Costpoint CRM is an integrated component within our Costpoint family of products, ensuring that the business process and corporate compliance is managed from inception and remains the foundation for one system of record.

Streamline Your Procurement Process

Project-driven businesses need the ability to respond quickly to changing conditions and priorities. In order to do so, businesses like yours need complete request for quotes, vendor quote tracking capabilities, requisition approvals and processing, purchase orders and blanket purchase orders, change orders and purchasing history in addition to project commitment reporting. As demand for products increases, companies must have the information and capabilities needed to react quickly to optimize materials management.

Track and Process Customer Sales Orders

Customer orders can be completely tracked from approval, purchase, issue, shipment and invoice all the way to revenue generation. Whether the item is for a fixed price project or cost plus project, Deltek Costpoint will support your project requirements. Within sales orders, product and services may be shipped and invoiced directly to your customer. Additionally, Deltek Costpoint enables project-focused businesses to print their commercial invoicing and U.S. Government DD250's and update their accounts receivable as they are processed.

Comply with Government Standards (MMAS)

Inventory in Costpoint is classified as any materials needing to be tracked, regardless of ownership. Deltek Costpoint enables tracking and management of asset inventory, including raw materials, work in process and finished goods, inventory specifically assigned to a project or government/customer furnished materials. Project ownership, segregation and complete audit tracking that adhere to MMAS "Ten Key Elements of Materials Management" are key characteristics of inventory tracking in Deltek Costpoint.

Manufacture by Projects and Accurately Plan for Customer Demand

The keys to success are expeditious delivery time of the product to the customer, quality of product and control of the production process. Deltek Costpoint Materials Management makes it easy to propose, design, plan, purchase, track and manufacture for either the "engineer-to-order" or "make-to-order" project organization. Project manufacturers operate under strict rules and regulations that govern everything — from systems compliance and cost reporting, to the ability to trace a serial or lot number to the smallest product component.