Reliable Results

Our focus is providing you meaningful results and reports not only pertaining to the project’s risk exposure but more importantly an optimized path to significantly reducing this risk exposure. And the results speak for themselves.

Forecast Accuracy

To date, we have successfully predicted project completion dates (and budgets) to within 1.5% of actual project completion on well over US $300B worth of projects. Being able to accurately forecast a project completion date to within 2 weeks on a 3-year project may sound unheard of, but through the use of our proven risk workshop methodology, it’s common practice for us.

Forcast Accuracy

Workshop Deliverables

All workshop clients receive the following within one week of the final workshop day.

  • Overview of findings – delivered in an executive briefing
  • Project risk exposure – confidence levels for cost and schedule completion
  • Risk histograms – determination of required contingency amounts
  • Risk ranges – cost and schedule uncertainty ranges
  • Risk drivers – key cost and schedule risk drivers
  • Risk scatter plots – a “big picture” risk analysis of cost and schedule integration
  • Criticality reports – critical tasks and the impact of uncertainty on critical task numbers
  • Probabilistic cash flow analysis – forecasted estimate to complete based on risk exposure
  • “P” schedules – various schedule versions, each at a given confidence level
  • Risk models – editable files for all models developed during the workshop process

Deltek’s risk assessment methodology has been used on CAPEX projects totaling over $300 billion, and led to a 10% average reduction in project costs, 20% average schedule acceleration and saw a 91% forecasting accuracy.