Consulting For Government Contractors

Providing the intelligence and strategy you need
to succeed

GovWin Consulting is a full-service management consulting Business Unit within Deltek that provides the intelligence and actionable strategy our clients need to succeed in the federal market, as well as state-and-local markets. With our in-depth public sector knowledge and years of experience, we help clients define and execute public sector growth plans by organizing and optimizing internal resources to approach market areas with the best growth and opportunity; Build targeted pipelines with vital need-to-win intelligence that includes teaming partners and contract vehicles; ensuring that communications, advertising, and messages are aligned with stakeholder needs, wants, and concerns; pinpoint business-strategy areas that need further refinement to enhance the effectiveness of business development.

GovWin Consulting Services include:

Market Positioning

Helping Companies to efficiently align resources with qualified opportunities to increase your win rate

GovWin Consulting's Market Positioning offering provides you with a strategic understanding of your core market’s potential and risk. This offering delivers insight into areas that provide the greatest opportunity for your business, as they align to your core capabilities and/or adjacent areas of opportunity. Furthermore, it serves as a strategic launching point when developing a business plan for the coming year.

  • Tailored Market Assessment & Entry Planning
  • Department/Agency Strategic Targeting
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Merger & Acquisition Support
  • New Market Entry/Planning
  • Media Analysis

Business Development Support

Helping Companies to accelerate business development efforts and expand pipeline

Identifying the “right” government contracting opportunities to pursue, specific to your product or service, is one of the most common challenges companies face. Through our Business Development Support offering, GovWin Consulting enables you to meet that challenge head-on by researching, assessing, and validating opportunity information on your behalf to ensure each opportunity is aligned with your company's offerings and resources. Our highly actionable and customized deliverables include insights and analysis based on your specific goals so you can be more efficient and agile as you pursue opportunities in this highly competitive market.

The deliverables we provide are unique – and proprietary – to your company. Our Business Development Support offering will help you strengthen and optimize your pipeline, identify the best potential partners to grow your business, better understand the competition, and determine the contract vehicles that offer the most potential for your capabilities.

  • Custom Pipeline Development
  • Capture Support
  • Teaming Analysis
  • Contract Vehicle Analysis

Evaluation Services

Position your company for success by knowing what your clients say about you

Are your government customers satisfied with your services or products? One of the most critical parts of winning a government contract is execution. With our Evaluation Services offering we survey your government customers – on the phone or online, as an outside research firm – to get an unbiased determination of their level of satisfaction with your company and your work.

Your performance with existing clients will have a direct impact on whether or not you win the next bid. By speaking directly with your government clients and asking critical questions related to your business, we work to capture the voice of the customer to help you identify gaps in delivery, and understand areas of opportunity.

  • Pipeline Analysis/Evaluation
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Voice of the Customer Surveys

Custom Strategy & Analysis

Gain a competitive edge through highly targeted research and analysis

As you grow your business, there will be times when you’ll need something highly specific – something unique to your service, your product, your customer, or your business strategy. Perhaps you’ll need a deep-dive analysis of a particular department within a certain agency, or an in-depth matrix of competitors within a certain niche market. For those times, GovWin Consulting provides a Custom Analysis & Strategy offering. This offering combines our in-depth knowledge with our broader market insight to deliver a plan, report, or strategy specific to your unique request. Our Custom Analysis & Strategy deliverables are grounded on proven methodologies, providing custom insight on whatever you need, whenever you need it.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Analysis

Marketing Communications

Targeted marketing messages resonate with your clients and build brand awareness with potential buyers

Knowing where the market is going is only half of the puzzle. In order to be effective, you must also know who your audience is, and communicate the proper message. Your message needs to be consistent, from your website to your proposals. Our Marketing Communications offering helps you craft and effectively communicate your key offerings across your various touch-points with your government clients.

  • Advertising Analysis
  • Thought Leadership
  • Proposal Communication Support
  • Marketing Communication Planning